Better Accuracy in Less time

BrainFocus iEEG

Our solution provides the clinician with a patient report featuring an automatic localization of the epileptic focus, a description of the characteristic ictal-onset patterns, and spatio-temporal maps representing the dynamic activation and propagation of the recorded regions during each seizure.

Why BrainFocus?

  • Highlights seizure patterns that remain invisible to the human eye

  • Validated high accuracy

  • Automated and assumption-free

  • Seizure-specific analysis

  • Integrated in current protocol

What our users have to say

“Thanks to BrainFocus, we have been able to fully analyze 6 seizures in only 30 minutes!”


“BrainFocus is really useful to determine the electrodes and contacts involved in ictal onset. It is not easy to precisely determine these contacts when you are faced with hundreds of simultaneous recordings”

Mariam alKhawaja, MD

Neurologist, Epilepsy Program, Hospital Clínic, Spain

“BrainFocus outputs are particularly useful when ictal onset involves multiple contacts with activations at different frequencies”

Mariam alKhawaja, MD

Neurologist, EPILEPSY PROGRAM, Hospital Clínic, Spain

“Thanks to BrainFocus’ early propagation maps, I found some frequencies between 4 and 11 Hz in electrodes X and Y a few seconds before ictal onset that might ultimately trigger seizures. This was impossible to distinguish from background activity with the naked eye. Now we will pay greater attention to these electrodes when planning the patients’ surgery. This is really helpful and promising”

Antonio Donaire, MD, PhD

Head of the EEG Lab-Epilepsy Program, Hospital Clínic, Spain

An interactive interface built for clinicians

  • Get interactive seizure activation maps

  • Compare the observations with raw iEEG signals
  • Get the automatic detection of ictal patterns and contacts
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