More than 15 years of R&D experience

Turning computational research into epilepsy care

BrainFocus develops new diagnostic tools for patients with drug-resistant epilepsy to improve diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

BrainFocus, S.L., is an initiative from a team of mathematicians, engineers and researchers with a broad experience in computational neuroscience, signal processing and epilepsy research.

We count with the support of neurologists with a recognized career in clinical practice.

With 15 years of research experience, our team wants to bridge the gap between computational and clinical neuroscience.

Our goal? To transform advanced computational tools into real epilepsy care.

BrainFocus currently operates from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF, Barcelona, Spain) and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC, Barcelona, Spain) and is expected to be constituted as a spin-off company in the coming months.

Our team applies signal processing tools to brain recordings measured by EEG sensors to increase accuracy during the diagnosis of patients with drug resistant epilepsy. Our tools offer objective quantifications that complement the clinician’s visual inspection.

We have developed BrainFocus iEEG, for intracranial recordings, and are currently working on extending our technology to unravel brain network connectivity.

The team

Manel Vila-Vidal
Manel Vila-VidalCEO and Co-Founder
CEO and Co-Founder
Adrià Tauste Campo
Adrià Tauste CampoCSO and Co-Founder
PhD in Electrical Engineering
Bart Huisken
Bart HuiskenBusiness Strategy and Co-Founder
Carlota Pagès-Portabella
Carlota Pagès-PortabellaProduct Manager
PhD in Biomedicine
Ana Tost Abadías
Ana Tost AbadíasGo-to-market Lead
MSc in Biomedical Engineering
Jan Šeda
Jan ŠedaSoftware Developer
Ferran Craven-Bartle Corominas
Ferran Craven-Bartle CorominasData Scientist
BSc in Industrial Engineering
Arnau Manasanch
Arnau ManasanchTechnical Consultant
MSc in Biomedical Engineering
Antonio J. Donaire Pedraza, MD, PhD
Antonio J. Donaire Pedraza, MD, PhDClinical advisor | Epileptologist
Head of the VideoEEG Lab – Epilepsy Program, Hospital Clínic (Barcelona, Spain)

Head of Neurology Department, Hospital Sanitas CIMA (Barcelona, Spain)

Clinical Collaborators

Antonio Donaire, MD, PhD
Neurologist / Head of the EEG Lab
Epilepsy Program, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona (Spain)

Mariam al Khawaja, MD
Epilepsy Program, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona (Spain)

With the support of